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Jan Gerfast is an "underground" bluesmusician who has toured Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Holland for many years. He has also been broadcasted in several TV- and Radioshows. He has released following albums:
Rollin« with the Blues (Kick Music-92)
Second Coming (Kick Music-93)
MTVision (Display Records-95)

Uncle John Turner from Texas, USA (ex. Johnny Winter) was playing the drums on the MTVision album.

Exile, 2000
Label: Lingo Records, Berlin

Jan Gerfast has his roots in the Blues, but he«s not a traditional bluesmusician, he has his own style. Heavy, suggestive grooves build the base over which he puts his vocals and guitarimprovisations. He plays with a very intense bluesfeeling, straight on, no hesitation. Someone called the music Groovy Blues, someone said Psychedelic Blues ... What would You like to call it?

Jan Gerfast